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Why you shouldn’t “Crack” your neck. The unstable, stiff neck.

Do you find yourself constantly moving, stretching and maybe even “cracking” your neck, looking for relief from a sore neck ? 

Stretching your neck can provide some relief, but the benefits are usually short lived.  “This time it’s not going away and I’ve had a headache for a few days.” Maybe a “bigger crack” might help !! which is why some people consult a chiropractor.

Patients with sore necks consult our office on a daily basis. Following a short examination my initial advice, much to the person’s surprise is “stop stretching, you’re making things worse.”

These patients describe a feeling of stiffness in the neck, yet on examination their neck resembles more a “slinky” than a locked vertebra.

We all know by now that looking down at your phone or a screen is bad for you. The constant looking down causes muscles tension in your neck, this normal response prevents muscles from tearing when held in a bad position.

The person then experiences muscle soreness and naturally they start stretching their neck. The problem is, while the muscles are being stretched so are the ligaments that stabilise the joints and in flexible people the neck vertebrae can become very loose, very quickly causing more neck irritation and more muscle tension.

The greater the laxity in the neck vertebrae, the more muscle tension we experience and the more the person feels the need to stretch!!

The Remedy…

Your Doctor of Chiropractic can help, gentle adjustments targeted at the stiff and irritated joins will provide relief.  Keeping an eye on your posture and not stretching your neck will allow the ligaments to return to a healthy length and a stable neck.

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