Joondalup Chiropractic Clinic

Joondalup Chiropractic Safe Clinic – Covid 19

Joondalup Chiropractic continues to provide professional

care in a safe clinical setting during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

We have taken the following measures to ensure our procedures and premises remain at the highest standard of infection control.

  1. We have provided hand sanitizer for everyone upon entry.
  2. All tables and equipment are wiped with “Hospital Grade Disinfectant Towelettes” after every patient.
  3. Routine disinfection of door handles and all common areas multiple times during the day.
  4. All Staff and Doctors continue to utilise infection control procedures.
  5. We have removed magazines and toys that may provide cross infection.
  6. We have reduced our booking schedule to minimise the number of patients in the clinic at any one time.
  7. Please do not attend if you have been overseas in the past 2 weeks or have a temperature, flu like symptoms or a cough.

We thank you for your support – Joondalup Chiropractic is the natural choice to help you stay healthy and get the right advice. The following has also been shown to help promote a healthy immune system:

  1. Sleep 7-9 Hrs per night
  2. Manage your weight – being overweight is a risk factor
  3. Healthy diet – don’t forget the vegies, reduce animal fats
  4. Don’t smoke, don’t vape
  5. Maintain regular exercise
  6. minimise the use of anti-inflammatories

Please call reception if you have any questions 9300 1132

Or book online for an appointment

In Good Health 

Dr Frederic Cappon and Dr Craig Allen